C.V. / Bio

1979 : Started to study piano

1980 : Switched to drums, getting a classical percussion education for 5 years at the Royal music- academy of Antwerp

1983 : Playing in rock and punk bands.

1988-1992 : Start of a five year education in Jazz at the Jazz-Studio college of Antwerp, and also attending the masterclasses of Billy Hart  (Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock).

1990 : Getting into the finals of the biggest rock-contest of the country : Humo’s rock rally with the band ‘Red scarf’

1991 : becoming a member of the funk-soul band ‘The Believers’ with the world-famous Jo Bogaert of Technotronic as a producer. Two singles hit the Belgian charts. Got completly hooked on studying the breakbeat rhythms of James Brown.

After graduating from the Jazz-studio college of Antwerp , specialising in Brazilian rhythms, with Brazillian singer Marcia Maria as a teacher, got heavily involved in the early underground electronic dance-music scene of Belgium.

Started to DJ at underground clubs and raves.

1995 : Resident DJ at one of the most renowed clubs of Europe : Fuse , in Brussels

Resident DJ at the ‘Loop‘ nights @ Silo, Leuven

Dj and live electronic performances at the I love Techno (Ghent), Ten Days of Techno (Ghent), Its like a Jungle (AB, Brussels) to name just a few.

Music journalist for Plastiks magazine

1998 : First release as Anton Price on Tryptamine. Reviewed in XLR8R

Musician and Host for It’s Sample, an electronic music education theatre show for kids, with David Shea (John Zorn)

Demonstrating the Sherman filter bank at the LA Namm with the company founder Herman Gillis.

2000 : Started to play with DAAN, one of Belgiums most famous singers, playing drums and electronics at his band , for four years.

– Release of the first full album of Anton Price : The Collapse of the State Vector on Audoview, a label of Lowlands

2001 : Recording and arranging the album Bridgeburner of Daan.

Playing some concerts with :


Recording and concerts with Monguito, a crossover project with Mauro Pawlowski of Deus.

Fother, a live jungle band with members of Think of One, X legged Sally (Peter Vermeersch) and Flat Earth Society.

2002 : Released EP’s of Anton Price and Bohrbug.

A tour with Daan playing on countless festivals of Belgium

Started writing code, using the programming language LISP, for composing.

2003/4/5 : Composer and musician for the Italian danscompany Kinkaleri

European tour with Styrofoam.

Composer for the ‘Johnnyboy’, a theatre piece of Fabuleus (Belgium)

Tour Benelux with Laïs.

Tour Canada, Greenland,  and Belgium with Think of One (Winners BBC award best crossover band)

Drums and electronics for the theatre for kids company Laika, in collaboration with Het Paleis called Soepkinders. Bandmembers included Alan Gevaert (Chris Withley, Deus)

Composer for the awarded shortfilm by Joke Liberghe ‘Meander’

2006 : Drummer for Hormonia, a project of Hugo Mathijsen

Drummer in the band of Trixie Withley (ex Black Dub member, Daniel Lanois)

Teacher at the TRIX music center teaching Reason, Beat Programming, synthesizer techniques.

2007 : Recording of ‘The Ladies Second Song’ by Laïs (recording, arranging, drumming)

Drums and electronics for Soepkinders a collaboration between Laika and Het Paleis.

2008 : Touring with ‘Little Criminals‘ a project with local string orchestras through Belgium, performing the music of Randy Newman.

2009 : Recording of Black Railway, Anton Price

2010 : Journalist for the magazine Apollo

Release Black Railway, Anton Price on Morse Records

Curator for the Antwerp based experimental electronic music festival ‘Lambda’ including Live Coding.

2011 : Touring with a singer from Greenland : Nive Nielsen and The Deer Children in France, USA, Canada, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Greenland, Belgium, Austria

2012 – 2013 :

Development of an electronic drumkit.

Curator at music-hall Vertigo, Antwerp

Teacher music and technology for Let’s Go Urban, Antwerp, Belgium

Drummer ( with the DIY electronic drumkit) for Stan Lee Cole ( winner of the ISC contest 2013, jurymembers : Susan vega, Tom Waits , NAS, etc)

Collaboration with DJ Grazzhoppa and Lamont @ The Depot, Leuven

Demonstrator of the Nord Lead 4 and Nord Drum 2 @ Salon Algam, France

Conductor of The Pumpkin Orchestra, a technological innovative orchestra using the AXO synthesizer platform :


in connection with vegetables and old-school gaming equipement. Our latest performances could be experienced on the I-minds convention and at the latest Bozar Electronics Arts Festival, Brussels.

2014 :

Live-coder as Bohrbug with Kasper Jordaens aka Kaosbeat as Live-graphics coder.

For Live-coding I started using Overtone with LightTable and learning Clojure, a fairly new LISP , in General.

Organizing of and performing on the first Belgian Algorave, in Trix Antwerp.


Electronic drum recordings on two tracks of the album of Stan Lee Cole “Thats Why We Weep”.

Live performances with Stan Lee Cole

Composing of the soundtrack for ‘Habitat’  , a documentary of Jan Stevens of Boiler Media.

Research en Development for Glass Magnet Wall , a project about a new controller, using Fiducials,  OSC  and Max 6

Organizer of the Lambda Sonic Algorave for Devopsdays @ Eskimofabriek in Ghent : https://medium.com/@Sondervan1/sonic-algorave-1432b3850745

Teacher programming for the youth, using Scratch,  for Het Bos, Antwerp.

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