Triangle Yur (2017)


Cuts of the Hypercube (2018)



The Longing For Knowledge (Tryptamine, 1998)

Side A 1. The Longing for Knowledge

Side A 2. The Thruth Within

Side B 1. Drop The Bass

Side B 2. Harbour

Double Slith (Audioview, 1999)

Side A 1. Syncopated Switches

Side A 2. Rapid Strides

Side B 1. Riverside Walk

Side B 2. X Phase

Transformation (Tryptamine 1999)

Side A 1. Transformation

Side B 1. Co-Rosion

Side B 2. Nightvision

The Collapse of the State Vector (Audioview, 2000)


Side A : Default Assassin , Decoherence, The Approach of the Entity Frequency

Side B : Distant Attractor, As We Speak, Neural Network – Algorithm Interface

Side C : Arch Type, Cluster Buster Adjuster, Gate XOR

Side D : Hidden Variables, Sindestorm, Chloroform Prototype

Goto Loopit (Fake / Transformed Dreams ,2000)

Black Railway (Morse, 2010)

A1 : Jazzdub Ice

A2 : Black railway

B1 : M&G Melody



Bohrbug (Subdeviant 2002)

Dwagga Ragga

Alone In San Fransisco

It’s an Egg

Fly By

Moving out

Sleeve by the great Dennis Tyfus ! www.ultraeczema.com

Boolean Bat (stekker 001)

Side A 1. Boolean Bat

Side A 2.  Deffil

Side B 1. Fortran Backdoor

Side B 2 While Inkeys Wend

Tensor Motion (Stekker 002, 2005)

Side A 1. Tensor Motion

Side A 2. Bluesfuga

Side A 3. Macadam

Side B 1. Running Into Houses

Side B 2. Mean Value